Immunity Challenge #19 - Outback Safari

Overview: The first person to sign in below will choose the first matchup.

For today's challenge, you will face off one on one. I will post a board with 24 animals on it along with a question. You get ONE GUESS per round. If you both guess correctly the person that answers the fastest in the round moves on and selects the next match up. If neither player answers correctly, I will ask the question again at a set time. We will do this until someone loses and is out of the challenge.

You MUST answer in the form of an image below. That image must be WORKING.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

• You must not discuss your answers or any aspect of this challenge with other castaways.
• You can only answer ONCE per round. If you are both wrong, we reset the round with the same question until someone gets it right.
• You must answer in the form of an image listed above.


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